Get the iCloud Control Panel for the new Windows 10

ICloud, which is the cloud computing platform of Apple, is exclusive only for Apple users. This service after the initial development period was first introduced in 2011. The Apple users who have devices with iOS 6 or above were able to enjoy the iCloud features. Still, in order to enjoy the most out of the iCloud servers, it is obligatory that you have the newest iOS version. 

iCloud’s purpose is not only of a storage medium, it is capable of doing different tasks such as backup of files and storage, it offers protection and security against unauthorized use and theft etc… In matter of fact, the security mechanism of iCloud is one of the best in the class. A lost iPhone device simply cannot be accessed by anyone if it is labeled as lost/stolen from the iCloud interface.

There is some good news for Windows users. Now it is possible to use the iCloud Control Panel on Microsoft Windows too. You just need to go thru a couple simple procedures. The entire procedure is also described in the official Apple iCloud website too, but in order to explain it better, we have also elaborated the installation process.

Get the iCloud Control Panel

You can safely download the iCloud Control Panel for Microsoft Windows from Apple’s website. Just go to the iCloud download page and press on the download link. You can also download the Control Panel by clicking on our hyperlink. The download should start within couple seconds. The file is not large and the download will be completed after a few minutes, it all depends on what kind of internet connection you have. If you want better bandwidth, you should download via a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Download iCloud Control Panel

After the iCloud is downloaded, install the iCloudsetup.exe following a standard installation procedure characteristic for Windows platform.

 Start iCloud Control panel

 Click on the desktop icon or to launch iCloud. You can start the app from the start menu listing as well. During its initial launch, the first dialogue box will show you an account login options in the left pane, while on the right pane there would be checkboxes with options such as iCloud Drive, Calendars, Tasks, Mail, Photos and Bookmarks. Each of them can be iCloud Unlock and you can even modify the options Photos and Bookmarks using the Options button which is right next to their checkboxes.

Downloading Content

Once the iCloud is installed on Windows platform, a new folder- iCloud Drive will be added to Windows Explorer Favorites. In there you will find separate folders for Photos, Videos, iCloud Drive data, Music, Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and Bookmarks etc.  Open Store Preferences in iTunes and choose the options you want to sync with iCloud Drive. After that, everytime you download something from iTunes, those contents will be automatically synced with iCloud Drive across all of your devices that are signed with that iCloud account. The entire process is very effective and automative.

What else can be said about the iCloud besides knowing that it is probably the best and easiest cloud computing platforms to use. Just remember that you always have your iCloud Account ID and password within reach, because in case you forget them, you may experience big problems.

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