New hacking tool which can help you disable iCloud lost password and Apple ID

One group of hackers claims that they have found a hack iCloud Password method which can help Apple users to hack thru a lost iCloud password. This tool apparently went viral immediately after its release and is known among the online community as “iDict”. According to reports, “iDict” hack tool works using the exploits which exist in Apple’s security system and they tend to overcome any restrictions which are implemented by the defensive mechanism.

If this is true, then the “iDict” tool may be able to help any user to Bypass the Activation lock screen on any Apple device and enable anyone to easily access any device even without the proper login credentials in hand.

And knowing how big the iCloud lock issue is at the moment, there is no doubt that many users will be glad to try this hack iCloud Password on first hand.

Hack iCloud Password

What we know about the iDict tool

Apple’s effort in combating theft and unauthorized data use has given some results and the iCloud security is really on the highest level possible. However, there is still plenty of work to be done (as Apple admits itself). At the beginning, the company has tried to stop the users from guessing the account passwords by limiting the number of login attempts and later they have tried to improve this by enabling the users to verify their login attempts with the aspect of the two factor authentication method from their iPhone device. Still, the ongoing rumors about iDict claim that this tool works amazingly well and is capable of easily Bypass the iCloud Activation lock of iCloud.

If the speculations are to be trusted, then the iCloud users seem that they have a reason to be worried when it comes to the protection of their account. Because if anyone tries to access their account by entering the email address which is connected to that particular iCloud account, that individual can easily access any private data connected to that account. But, as of now it is now officially confirmed whether iDict is really capable of doing all of this, however it will be prudent to take some defensive measures in order to protect your personal iCloud account and email in the best manner possible.

How to Hack iCloud Password Activation Lock

The pattern which the iDict tool uses to hack into an iCloud ID account is already well known. The scheme of using 500 of most often used passwords to break into accounts has been used for a long time before. The iDict tool requires for its script to be hosted on a localhost or to use a Xampp server as a hosting. The hack iCloud Password script is really simple to download, and after that the user needs to comply with the installation tutorial that is fully explained on the Github website.

There were a lot of speculations on why the iDict tool was initially developed and released. Some claim that the developers were working to uncover any exploit in the software of Apple and if they manage to report the exploit and to prevent hackers form wide spreading it.

The method on which the iDict works is apparently the same one which was used just recently with the naked images of celebrities’ scandal. As you know, top stars like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence had their iCloud accounts compromised and some explicit photos of them revealed.

Apple has later released a statement that they will fully devote their resources on increasing the security of hack iCloud accounts and will try their best to prevent any similar scenarios in the future. It is up to us to wait to see whether their efforts will bring results.

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