Simple methods which will help you unlock or Restore your Apple ID

Apple is focusing much of its resources on the security of its products and they are putting a lot of effort to guarantee the safety of their devices. However, just recently reports have started to emerge that some users have their accounts compromised and their Apple accounts locked. There is no further explanation expect the message “locked for security reasons”.

If you belong in this unfortunate group of users whose devices have been locked then you should know that this is a really serious situation that you need to resolve as quickly as possible once you receive the message.

Unlock Apple ID

How can the disabled Apple ID account be unlocked?

Every Apple user knows that without the Apple ID and password it is impossible to use their devices. This can be really frustrating to some people, especially when you get account locked for no particular reason. For instance, the majority of locked devices apparently have been locked directly by Apple because someone else has been trying to log in to certain iPhones using stolen Apple ID credentials. Because of this, Apple was forced to react using their standard protocols by disabling many accounts. In case you did not know, your Apple ID can be locked by Apple even if someone enters a wrong password several times using your account.

Is there a way to resolve this issue?

Of course there is a solution to this problem. But first you will need to check whether your Apple ID has really been locked by Apple.

If you are suspecting for that to be the case but you are not entirely sure you can check in case some of the following alerts are showing up:

  • You cannot sign in to your Apple account because it was deactivated for security reasons and you get the message “locked for security reasons”
  • The Apple ID and your account have been temporarily disabled for security reasons

How to unlock your Apple ID

  • On a Mac computer, start Safari (or other browser)
  • Type “iForgot” which is a website that is part of Apple’s domain
  • Enter your email address, first and last name. Once you have entered the required details press Next
  • In case you have previously enabled the two step verification mode on your device, you will be asked to type in your recovery key (you can skip this step if this mode is not enabled).
  • Select the phone number that you have used to enable the two step verification mode and press Continue. Type in your verification code and proceed.
  • You will be prompted to enter a new password. After that confirm the password and press on Reset Password.

If you follow the instructions above you will be able to successfully reset any Apple ID and password and hopefully your account will be unlocked. Note that it is recommended that you use only safe and new passwords for your Apple accounts.

Update your iPhone password

In case you think it would be best to modify your password for your iPhone account then follow these instructions:

  1. On your device open Settings , go to iCloud and select Edit
  2. Write your new password and press Done

Update your MAC OS X password

To update a MAC OS X password then follow these instructions:

  1. On your MAC from the Apple Menu open System Preferences
  2. Select iCloud.
  3. Sign out from your iCloud account
  4. Write the new password and sign in to your iCloud account

By updating the OS X password will be also asked to enter a new password for the other apps which you use on your device like iTunes, Facetime etc. These apps will ask you for the new password so remember to keep it somewhere safe.

I hope that this short post will be useful to you and will help you learn how to Unlock iCloud Lock in case it was disabled by Apple.

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